Charity: The Real Investment

Charity (Sadaqah) has a magnificent value in Islam. It is a sign of  a good believer who considers the  perfect consequences of paying money for the sake of Allah the Almighty. There are many Verses  in the Holy Quran which depict virtues of Charity and emphasize the prosperous status of those who have a keen interest to pay for the sake of Allah the Almighty. Look to this beautiful Ayah, Allah the Almighty says:

“But whatever thing you spend [in His cause] – He will compensate it; and He is the best of provider” [Surah Saba,34:39].

In Noble Sunna, a lot of Ahadeeth encourage Muslims to pay for Charity ; the Prophet Muhammad (Prayer and Peace of Allah the Almighty be upon him) said that Allah the Almighty said:

“O son of Adam, spend. I will spend on you” [Muslim].

Charity is a real investment and it is the most precious approach to increase money and to be closer to Allah the Almighty which in return will support Muslims to avoid crisis and calamities in life, grave and the day of Judgment. We have to think on a daily basis to pay for charity, to help poor people in a friendly way, we have to search for charity channels eagerly and we have to be sure that we are in desperate need for Charity more than people who need money. Paying for Charity is a great way to thank Allah the Almighty and to have a shield to prevent us for avoiding punishment of Allah the Almighty.


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